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Full Version: Super drag to copy text of link
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Since v2.3.7.50 for Windows, there is a new feature: 
"Copy text instead of link if Ctrl/Alt pressed when using super drag"
I appreciate this feature very much. 
But since v2.5.4.39 for Windows, this feature cannot work anymore. 
I don't use any other mouse gesture plug-in or windows program, so at least there is no conflict problem from such plugin or program. 
How should I fix this problem or what other setting should I apply? 
Thank you very much. 

My cent browser ver.: (64-bit) (Chromium 57.0.2987.110)
My OS: Windows 10 home ver. 10.0.14393
Sorry We removed that feature, because We thought super drag is a lazy feature, few people hold keyboard down when dragging mouse. Instead You can set two super drag action, e.g.:dragging up to copy text, dragging down to copy link.
It's very sad!
Super drag has only few direction so it's very inconvenient to separate copy text and copy link into two drag action.
The feature is actually very useful and adding the feature will not bother the 'lazy' user but can further makes other user feel more convenient.
Wish one day this wonderful feature may come back
thank you.