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Full Version: CB and Windows 10 virtual keyboard
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I encountered two little bugs on my Surface Pro recently: when I'm pressing a textfield, the virtual keyboard pop-ups so I can type, which is normal, but then the following problems appear:

  1. If (and only if) the window is maximized, then the virtual keyboard hides the bottom of the page and I can't show it until moving or hiding the keyboard.
  2. I've no word suggestion when typing.

Problem #2 seems to appear for all Desktop apps, while UWP apps don't have this so maybe it's not in your domain...
For problem #1, Opera for example don't have the bug, if the keyboard hides a part of the pages, the scrollbars adapts themselves and I'm able to scroll to the bottom. Would it be possible to look for it please?

Thanks in advance for the answer!
Thanks for your feedback.
Have you tried it with Chrome 58?
We changed an option related to virtual keyboard, but not sure whether it matters.
Tested and both are still here.

While the lack of suggestions is not important by itself (it just slows down a little the typing), the virtual keyboard problem is more annoying since it covers for example the Quick Reply section of the forum, so I can't see what I'm typing unless I plug a physical keyboard Confused
Sorry we have no Win10 machine with touch screen.
Could you file a bug at https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/list?