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Full Version: Need to press hotkeys several times (since v2.3)
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Hello Cent users and developers,

I finally found the cause of the hotkey issue ongoing since v2.3, which I wrote to both the forum and the developers in advance.

Simply: Need to press to CTRL T (and other hotkeys) several times, since version 2.3.

This issue not existed other in Chromium browsers or any a software. Only happening in version 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7  of Cent, not its 2.2 and before.

Cause: If The Flags string value of the Keyboard Response subkey on Registry is changed.

1) Increase Keyboard response setting (a BATch file): https://paste.ee/r/IRUoU
2) Log off and Log-on.
3) After run to Cent, Click 4-5 times to the blank/white areas. (Purpose: To not cursor focus to omnibar.)
4) Press to CTRL T.
Result: After 4 pressed to CTRL T, Cent can open new tab.
Cent will only be able to open new tab, while fourth pressed to CTRL T.

Could you reproduce and confirm?

If you've patience, you can use Cent for a few hours/days. During this time/day, Using Cent in this way will really be battle of nerves. Since version 2.3, I live this mood every day! Thank goodness, I found the cause. I hope, the Developers can fixed to the issue. I have to use these registry settings because my keyboard's repeat rate is very low.

Keywords to research on Google: increase repeat rate typing

* * *

For now, only solution is back to default keyboard response:

1) Default Keyboard response setting (a BATch file): https://paste.ee/r/bxznl
2-4) Repeat the above steps.
Result: As soon as pressed to CTRL T, Cent will be able to open a new tab.
Thanks for your excellent work.
It is weird that we have never interfered with keyboard strike inside the browser(never handle keyboard message separately, all code is added to Chromium function).
We will try to reproduce this issue.

You're welcome. Maybe don't need to say thank because everything can be my mistake. I'm afraid of that.

After I reproduced this method to completely fresh, new a installed on Windows 10 x64 (Insider Build 16241),  I just wrote it in here.

You're right, it's a very strange situation. I'm already convinced that you haven't made any changes to chromium source codes.

What is the Flags string value? I searched it. This is related to FilterKeys.

I used this tool and it changed the Flag value as 3 from 126 (default): FilterKeys Setter
May be something wrong with the focus manager.
Have you tried disabling the option "Show download button"?
Yes, I did it. No change, even if in safe-mode and 32 or 64 bit build.

One solution: Back to default flags (126) from 3 of Keyboard Response.

I will try to reproduce on Win 7 (same PC) and 8.0 (laptop). I will write the result to here.
Good news. No need to try on another OS.

Because I found out which revision/commit started the problem (Of course, after I spent 4-5 hours downloading and tring old versions of Chromium).

This is 42d287c9658c6bfa1202275597f28399409e8603 refs/heads/master@{#416995}.


Build 416996 - The CTRL-T problem begins. (No existed the snapshot of Build 416995)
Build 416972 - The last snapshot that has no problem.

I apologize to you for thinking that this mistake belongs to Cent.

So, what do I have to do now? This problem not happened updated Opera but there is exist on new versions of Chrome and Chromium.

Am I supposed to write this in the Chromium Issue page? That's what they already did. Obviously, I don't think chromium developers will care.

I hope, you don't add this commit to new version of Cent Browser. If this isn't possible, halfheartedly I will have to report the Chromium Issue page (And I'm already sure they will not care).

My only browser is Cent Browser and Cent Developers is my only hope.
Thanks for your detailed work, it really helps.
So, does it mean that we have to repeat shortcut operation
You're welcome. Thanks in advance for your interest and efforts.