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Full Version: stop Youtube autoplay liked video
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Hello guys,
Is there a way to stop Youtube to autoplay liked videos ??
It's working just fine with everything else, except the " liked videos "
Thank you
If it can help, I use the extension "Disable HTML5 Autoplay", effective to stop autoplay for any site. You can add per-site rules to allow autoplay in some locations.
Thank you, but is not what i'm looking for.
If i use your extension, when i click on a Youtube video, i have to click again " play "
I wish i could find something like this, but for Chrome
I did it, right now.
Is not working. When a Youtube video from the " liked videos " stops, the next one begins, right after
But thank you, anyway
If you uncheck manually the autoplay cursor, it still plays the next video?
No, only the " liked videos "
Seems it can't be done, except we write an extension for it.
That would be awesome, for all the Chrome / Cent Browser users
Thank you
Not the same but I unmute videos via button on tab.
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