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Full Version: Wrong font problem
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I use version. I have disabled directwrite. Today I saw this, some sites for exsmple https://horriblesubs.info/ use wrong fonts.

This is how it look on 64-bit 

[Image: yvxL5U8.png]

This is how it look on 32-bit

[Image: QiKB4Pe.png]

Version 32-bit use properly font but version 64-bit not. Why ?
For me it's due to disabled DirectWrite. Problem has been reported by other users in the release thread. x64 win 10 disabled direct write.

[Image: 2020-04-24_173907.1587739261.png]

Try to change fonts in Cent settings. I have these settings:
[Image: 2020-04-24_174523.1587739565.png]
Try changing "chrome://flags/#font-src-local-matching" to "Disabled".
(04-24-2020, 04:14 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: [ -> ]Try changing "chrome://flags/#font-src-local-matching" to "Disabled".
That fixed it. Thanks!
That fixed it.