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Full Version: [Feature request] Utilize built-in dark mode for web content on per-site basis
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Perhaps overly-optimistic, given the prolonged hiatus in development, but since you're back with a new beta, this feature request is worth a shot.

For a long time now, Chromium has had the 'Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents' flag, providing half a dozen different inversion methods. Problem is, you can only choose one, which applies everywhere, without exception.

If users could pick which dark scheme worked best per-site, and had the ability to exclude sites altogether, you'd easily have the best built-in dark mode for web content of any browser I'm aware of.

Converting the flag options into a toolbar icon/menu, where different themes can be selected per-site, could be a feature which would really set this browser apart from other Chromium browsers, IMO.

[Image: RW41Kqd.png]
Thanks for your suggestion.
This feature sounds reasonable.
But "Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents" feature is still under development, it may change when become stable.