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Full Version: Minor bug
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I guess this is for the Centbrowser developers.

First, I absolutely love centbrowser. With Chrome I couldn't have more than 2 tabs open at once without my "Smartram Meter" going into the red on my old PC, now I can open as many tabs as I want, plus there are many more options in settings and tabs are easier to use.

Bug:  On BESTBUY.COM I could not add an item to the cart or even look at my cart. Works fine when I use Chrome.
Just now I tested bestbuy and didn't reproduce this bug.
Have you installed any extensions? If true, you can disable all extensions and restart browser and try again.
If you change any options in Privacy section, please also let me know.
Centbrowser syncd to chrome and transferred settings, bookmarks and extensions so I have the exact same extensions as Chrome.

Extensions: Disconnect, History Eraser, Kippt, Transferbigfiles.com

Never mind, I just checked the cart function at Bestbuy.com and it worked - must have been a temporary glitch with the site yesterday.

I love the extra options in settings and the compatibility with the huge library of Chrome extensions.

Please keep adding security related features and options - I err on the side of paranoia when it comes to online security.

I'm telling everyone I know about Centbrowser. I just hope it doesn't reach a sufficient market-share so that hackers and malware people start paying attention to it.
Thank you for your promotion and your kind words.
There is never 100% security on the internet.We are trying our best to improve security features.
And you should also maintain safety awareness.
Later I will post a thread to give some tips on internet security.