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Full Version: Extension may have been corrupted.
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first of all i would like to Thank you for this browser, i realy love it,

but something strange happend many times, i have 6 extensions, and 4 of them corrupting very often

Adguard AdBlocker, ContentBlockHelper, Multi Link Opener, ZenMate Security

i wonder why this happened, could you please check, i used version Cent Browser Final

hope to stay on Cent Browser, 

Thank you, 
Have you changed any files in Extension directory?If not, it may be corrupted by some other software(even viruses).
You can use a tool named "Process Monitor" to figure out who is writing the extension files.
Or you may try another approach:
Rename "_metadata" directory to "metadata", and then "Load unpacked extension" from developer mode.
Thank you, Dan
finaly i deleted some other software and upgraded browser to v. , now all work just fine,

i like it very much, Thank you!
You are welcome.
We removed extension content verification in version
So the extension script can be edited in any way.