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Please Add Security Features
First of all let me say thanks for this browser it is great!
I currently use Cent browser as my Main and lately have been playing with AOL Shield and Yandex.
My request is around the security of Cent.
I hope you will consider adding a list of secure DNS providers to choose from like Yandex has and also Keystroke encryption just like AOL shield (I use Shield for banking etc.).

And i have never noticed the option to opening in incognito mode by default in any browser yet that would also be great.

Please look through the security features of AOL Shield and Yandex Browser as there are many more improvements / features security wise compared to Centi:
Thanks for your suggestion.
For now you can install DNSCrypt to use secure DNS server.
no problem, thank you for the reply.
Yes i have it installed for now but would be great to see it integrated into cent in the future.

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