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  Permanently remove desktop icon?
Posted by: cbiweb - 06-05-2023, 11:52 PM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (1)

I keep my desktop clean, and every time I launch Cent, it creates a desktop icon, even after I've deleted it.

Is there a setting to prevent this from happening?

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  "Set default icon for JavaScript bookmarks"
Posted by: New Line - 05-25-2023, 01:38 PM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (4)

Hello. The icon is good, but how to return (make) black or dark blue color to the bookmarklet name itself if this color is annoying?

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  New version released:v5.0.1002.354 [2023-05-21]
Posted by: suibianzai - 05-22-2023, 03:16 AM - Forum: General Discuss - Replies (3)


According to the administrator, the next update will be 114.

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Question Pages stoped to load
Posted by: Archer - 05-21-2023, 04:28 PM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (3)

At some moment all pages stopped to load.
The issue can be corrected by reloading the browser.

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  Netflix Streaming Error Code: "M1721-1331"
Posted by: rdiver - 05-13-2023, 11:51 AM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (1)

With the latest stable version of Centbrowser v5.0.1002.295, any streaming content in NETFLIX fails with the error code indicating:

Quote:"Whoops, Something Went Wrong… Unexpected Error
There was an Unexpected Error. Please Reload the Page and Try Again.
Error code: M7121-1331-P7"

Exactly illustrated as the screenshot below!

Having studied the issue all over the Internet, the error is commonly seen while using this service on a web browser that is not supportive of Netflix.
I am desperate to attempt any possible workarounds such as:

  • Launch safe mode
  • Re-install Cent Browser (the latest version)
  • Cleaning all cache and cookies on Centbrowser
  • Resetting Centbrowser configurations
  • Disable all browser extensions
  • Launch Netflix in Incognito mode (clean settings without extention)
  • Update Widevine Content Decryption Module*
  • Enable "Protected Content IDs" as default behaviour for all sites in Centbrowser settings# 
  • For other browsers (Edge/Chrome), NETFLIX streaming works flawlessly without error interuption

* Based on this article I followed solution #2 to update the said module which is v4.10.2557.0 (also confirmed in the file directory: AppData\Local\CentBrowser\User Data\WidevineCDm). Full permission for system access is also granted. Once pressed the "updated" button it flashes itself then again reverted as "Status - Component not updated".

# See another screenshot below for the preferred settings

Technical reference: https://windowsreport.com/widevine-conte...le-chrome/

I believe the problem of the module causes a hindrance in the smooth streaming of Netflix HTML5 videos. Based on the updated CDM implementation timeline, the old CDM versions will be deprecated 
in Google by December 6 in 2022. At this moment I wonder if NETFLIX is no longer compatible to the latest version of Widevine module of the current build of Centbrowser. 

Source: https://bitmovin.com/google-deprecating-...e-drm-cdm/

Does everyone with NETFLIX has the similar issue? Developers or administrators please verify the problem or I have to switch other browser for playback. 

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: protected-content-id-settings.png]

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Photo [suggestion] newtab picture background
Posted by: vad - 05-09-2023, 08:39 PM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (1)

Привет. Новое расширение вкладок nova использует генератор изображений от usplash. он обновляется каждый раз, когда вы открываете вкладку, возможно ли сделать то же самое? качество хорошее и генератор изображений работает лучше. следующая картинка уже предопределена. пример кода[url=https://i.imgur.com/lvq7qZD.jpg][/url]

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Music Disable Tab Audio Auto Muting
Posted by: Shanti09 - 05-04-2023, 03:49 PM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (6)


Is there a way to Disable "Tab Audio Auto Muting"?

When I watch or listen something, and at the same time get distracted, switch to work on other sites, opening tabs, the tab with video or audio automatically turns off the sound, which is annoying, this happens very often. Is there a way to turn off automatic mute, when opening other tabs? or can this feature be turned off in the browser settings in the future or completely turned off by default?

1) We can mute all sound by clicking on the sound icon. (there is such a option in the settings)
2) We can mute sound by clicking on the sound icon on the tab
3) We can use Audio Player in the browser.

Why this function of auto muting exist, i'm going crazy every time to unmute it.
At least, there should be a way to disable it. if possible, in the settings.
I know, that this is the chrome feature, but, perhaps you can add such a setting.

Thank you for your amazing work.

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  Cookies not transfered on new Windows - what?
Posted by: Wieln1 - 05-02-2023, 07:51 PM - Forum: General Discuss - Replies (1)

Recently i decided to do clean Windows reinstall, backupped everything including Cent Browser folder - transferred "User Data" to new Windows, but looks like i get logged out of all my websites i used to login. So cookies are not being included when you move Cent Browser folder to another computer/Windows or it only works with portable version? I used normal version but i heard Cent Browser are always portable and portable version is Launcher that makes user data folder appear in folder with it.

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  Зайти на сайт с истекшим сертификатом
Posted by: dimajak - 05-01-2023, 06:50 PM - Forum: Русский Форум - Replies (6)

Пытаюсь в CentBrowser зайти на сайт videokurs-neva2.com но Cent блокирует данный сайт с ошибкой:
Да, согласен, что сертификат сайта закончился 3 апреля, но при этом Google Chrome позволяет зайти на этот сайт и предупреждает, что сертификат сайта не действителен.
Как уговорить Cent, чтобы он открыл этот сайт? А то неудобно переключаться между браузерами.

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  ublock origins not fully compatible since its latest update
Posted by: badablek - 04-22-2023, 09:19 AM - Forum: Bugs & Suggestions - Replies (6)

Hello Centbrowser team,

Hope you're doing well.

I'd like to expose a new problem with Centbrowser. Since some days, I had really strange behavior with ads, particulary on twitter and mgnet.com. In fact, I noticed this some days ago, when ublock origins was updated on april 18. My guess is that some changes are (sadly) only compatibles with an updated Chromium core OR maybe centbrowser have problems with these changes.

my setup : 

  • Centbrowser x64 5.0.1002.295 (installed) + ublock origin 1.49.0 + antiadblock killer 10.0 + all good filters (the ones coming natively with the extension + antiadblock killer one)
  • catsxp + exactly the same setup

twitter :
  • CB → ads are not filtered. one ad every three messages  Sick (people using this without adblockers are crazy, seriously !)
  • catsxp → no problem, all ads are filtered

mgnet.com :
  • CB → a lot of scam, aggressive ads, etc.
  • catsxp → no problem !

(These are only some examples...)

The only way I found to avoid this : using (temporary) another adblocker (Adguard Adblocker), but it's not as great/useful as uBlock Origin, so I really hope a new revision will come, free of this bug  Tongue

ps : this thread is not intended to ask you when a new revision will come...but to inform you about this bug so it can (hopefully) be resolved before a new release.

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