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Where is tab search button at tab list?
Cent 5 beta, x64, I enabled flag chrome://flags/#tab-search-fuzzy-search, but it doesn't work.

Originally at Chromium:

What was happened with original browser core code? Tab search option was removed or hidden by developer?

How to get the same experience with Cent (native solution, without extensions)? I open lots of tabs and need tab search button so much...
Because the original tab list is too short and can't contain too many tabs, we have removed it, as well as the search button.
You can try searching in the location bar instead for now.
We may add our own search feature to the tab list in the future.
Thx for reply. But tab list is available. There is no search button, tabs only. E.g., 45 opened tabs list looks:
[Image: 41fc5fb19b46e0d7534834fac1952b8d.png]
Please, return tab search button at least as flag / experimental option. While the CatsXP browser has this button.

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