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Release log:

SHA256 values:
32-bit Installer: d4ccd541b86ef27cc790d5e0b96e0a2dc6eee079ca5dcd60919c7ca1b27e32dc
32-bit Portable: b6d152c99e9ab706c7376d78f4d714bf60b5ff211342a4bc4b7b51dd5d3b4572
64-bit Installer: bb5acb580260074c7a16cb0416b1e872032bd6aebbf0ac97561eced58f66c119
64-bit Portable: e2562d6a73381355d4c1ada184205b38f9f0ab87a332c831dbe39c2af29397b1
спасибооооо...... :сердце:
Hello! How hide this buttons? https://prnt.sc/vyjjzf
(12-08-2020, 08:37 PM)sorryman Wrote: [ -> ]Hello! How hide this buttons? https://prnt.sc/vyjjzf
In the search engine, enter the Google Chrome flags on the computer and find the appropriate ones that disable these two icons.
Yes. You can hide those toolbar buttons with:
Thanks for the great work of the dev team!👍👍
Are the installation files not digitally signed again.
In this case, publish the hashes of the files!
How can I install for all users?
The checkbox could not be unchecked, and the default is installing for current user.
Just so you know, v4.3.9.210 (Please note that I’m running the Portable edition) doesn’t automatically update.

[Image: Cent-Browser-v4-3-9-210-update-check.png]

I’ll have to do it manually - no biggie.
How to enable DoH in the browser correctly?
I did it through flags - chrome: // flags / # dns-over-https
+ Written DNS to the system.


Connected to - Yes
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) - Yes
Using DNS over TLS (DoT) - No
Using DNS over WARP - No
AS Name - The provider's name is lit! Not Cloudflare!


ISP - Cloudflare, Country - Moscow, Russian Federation